Fashion Talk: An Interview with Iva Grbesic

Fashion Talk: An Interview with Iva Grbesic

Meet Iva Grbesic 

Iva always loved fashion, playing dress up in her mother’s closet, pooling money together with her sisters in grade school to buy the latest shoes and sweaters and being part of her high school fashion show. She worked in Market Research for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry while she was successful in this field she never felt a love for her work. Iva had every intention of going back to work after the birth of first her child but Mother Nature had other plans - four children in five and half years has a way of changing everything.

While her body switched sizes and forms the only thing that stayed constant was her need to stay stylish. Iva didn't have control of much in her life except what she put on her body. She is a firm believer that all of life’s problems are easier to deal with when you're wearing the perfect jeans, red lipstick and an amazing pair of shoes. When life became manageable she started a style blog at age 36, Falling in Style that catalogued her outfits and gave tips on how to wear some of the latest trends. Tips for real woman by a real woman.  

Iva has become a sought after content creator. Today you can find Iva on Cityline as a Style Expert, a guest on Today’s Shopping Choice and Instagram (@theivagrbesic). 

Shop Iva's look: Basket Stitch Cardigan + Go To Tank Relax + Belted Pleat Hem Jogger 

The Sympli Experience 

What is your favourite thing about Sympli?

Besides that this fabulous brand is Canadian and women led? How versatile the pieces are. I can style a whole collection quite easily and then incorporate pieces into my own wardrobe. What’s not to love?

Where do you wear your Sympli pieces?

What I love about my Sympli pieces is the versatility. I can wear them at home lounging or running errands and other pieces I wear to events. I recently wore the Turtleneck Gathered Sleeve Dress to an event honouring former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion. What an amazing piece to wear casually with ballet flats or dress up with a pair of heels. The choice is truly yours!

If you were to describe Sympli in three words, what would they be? 

Effortless, comfortable and staple.

Travel and care

What is it about our fabrics that help you choose outfits easily?

The fabrics keep colours vibrant and drape so nicely. I always feel “ready” for my day when wearing Sympli.

What was your experience like when travelling with your Sympli pieces?

I am lucky that I was able to travel with my Sympli pieces to Croatia this summer. The pieces travel really well. Easy to wear when exploring little towns and I didn’t stick out like a tourist.

Do you find your Sympli pieces easy to care for?

I machine wash my Sympli pieces and lay flat to dry. This keeps them looking good whenever I need them. Plus! They are wrinkle free so nothing like an easy-care, easy-wear piece that you can just grab, go, and feel amazing in.

Styling Sympli 

Why is Sympli so easy to style?

Sympli does a lot of the work for you. Great pieces in black or blue that can easily be paired with colour or different neutral pieces. Whether you’re looking to add more pieces from Sympli to your collection or picking your first pieces it’s easy to incorporate this line into your wardrobe.

How do you make sure your outfit is both stylish and comfortable?

When we think of comfort we think of joggers, leggings and sweatshirts. How do we make those stylish? It’s about adding an oversized blazer, a fabulous coat (it can be a great basic or one in a bold colour) or a fashion sneaker to that casual look. Marrying casual and fashion. 

What would you say are your three core styling tips to get the most out of your Fall clothes?

  1. This tip is one I always follow - The third piece rule - every outfit is made of 3 pieces, a top, bottom and the third piece which is a topper, jewelry, scarf or great handbag. It’s not limited to these items but you need to add something to every outfit. Shoes don’t count towards that third piece. You have to wear shoes.
  2. Add texture - wear your sweaters with your favourite Fall print. Adding something cozy always helps for a little 'something special'.
  3. Add some colour. This season Sympli added Pomegranate and Evergreen which to me just got me excited and ready to wear my Fall pieces over and over again. When I saw those colours all these ideas came swirling into my head and I thought about these leopard print boots I have and how I was going to be able to wear them.

What is your favourite Sympli outfit in your wardrobe and why?

My favourite piece has to be the Turtleneck Gathered Sleeve Dress. The Pomegranate colour is so lush and it wears really well. Pair it with the Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan and take over your day in style! 

Shop Iva's look: Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan + Go To Tank Relax + Nu Yoke Legging

Iva's favourites:

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