A Guide to Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

A Guide to Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

By Stephanie Pollard

Fall is here: it’s in the air with crisp winds, in our mugs with pumpkin-spiced flavours, and in front of our eyes with green leaves transforming into shades of burnt orange, gold, and crimson.
Fall also signals a major shift in the fashion calendar, where the pop and fizz of summer get exchanged for cozy nights in.

As we settle into the new season, we have a few style tips and 2021 Fall trends that will help you transition as smoothly as the seasons.

Introducing the Longer, Softer Knit

Fall 2021 is about embracing knits in all their snuggly, boxy glory! This time, however, the sweaters are a bit longer (hip-length to be exact) which creates more styling options — a mid-length tube skirt, a form-fitting pant, or a pair of classic leggings provide a smooth contrast to the texture up top. Our Boxy Rib Sweater Tunic is the perfect example of a Fall wardrobe staple that can be as casual or elevated (or both!) as you need it to be, with the space and structure that’s comfortable and flattering.

Boxy Rib Sweater Tunic & Nu Yoke Legging

Smart Layers

Despite us being in full Fall, there’s the occasional warm day that, with enough layers, will have us feeling very much like summer. If your weather app is predicting a spike in temperature within the week, a sheer cardigan is the light-layer solution you’re looking for. Available in as many styles as there are tastes (the pattern, length, and thickness options are just about endless), sheer cardigans are the finishing touch on days where a light sweater might be too much.
Designed in collaboration with the local artist and designer Aelita Aghuzumtsyan, our Fall prints are the perfect accent and layering detail. The Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan, for example, is one of the pieces that represents her inspiration from patterns found in nature (you can read about the entire process in our post Makers and Dreamers: The Artist’s Story).

Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan paired with Go To Tank and Narrow Pant Midi

Matching Sets

One of the hottest trends for Fall 2021 is the outfit that works when you’re staying in or heading out: matching sets. A bit different from its post-workout wear-only predecessor, today’s active loungewear sets feel good no matter what state of activity — or rest, you happen to be doing at the moment. Since comfort remains in the top three of style essentials, your favourite runners are all you need to complete your comfortable yet elevated look.

The Motion Sweatshirt and Motion Trim Cuff Jogger are great examples of athleisure with a bit of tailoring, and come in pair-with-anything neutrals (melange olive, graphite, and black). 

 Motion Cuff Jogger & Motion Sweatshirt 

Go Dressy

Dresses are having a moment this Fall, and brands dove in head first experimenting with how far they could go in terms of length, volume, and thickness. For those of us who value draping in all the right places when it comes to making a statement in our daily wear, long-sleeved dresses are great for the practical (a smart layer!) and stylish aspects of Fall. The Turtle Neck Dress is the blank canvas version of a dress that takes you from day to night, with just a change of shoes or accessories. The mid-length makes it any occasion ready, and the rich pomegranate colour gives a bold presence, without doing too much.

Turtle Neck Gathered Sleeve Dress

Sympli Has the Women’s Fall Clothing You Need

Fall 2021 is itching to make more of a statement, but not without trading in the comfort and flexibility we’ve come to expect from our clothes. Regardless of how stylish or practical your wardrobe is, this year is about having the best of worlds — simple elegance, if you will.

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Deb Miller

I’d love it if you could show your pieces styled differently. Dress one item up w boots, belts, jewellery, as well as the item ‘on it’s own’. I think you could show the versatility of your pieces better, to broaden their appeal. The pictures you use sometimes are quite blah, in my view. I love Sympli… have worn it for years, and it’s all I wear, except for the odd day. Show it’s versatility! Thanks for considering my feedback!

Deb Miller 16/10/2021
Sandra Trihey

I just love Sympli, the feel, the material I have a collection of pieces now and looking at the Kabuki or the Go to Cardigan. Enjoy getting emails to see the endless possibilities. Thanks to the Sympli Team.

Sandra Trihey 16/10/2021
Wendy Daigle Zinn

Love the kabuki look. I have the floral one. Wear it both formally and informally. You button cardigan is my favourite. I bought tw o and have being trying to buy a third in size 10 for my daughter. So bring it back along with your cotton boyfriend shirt. I would buy those in a flash.

Wendy Daigle Zinn 16/10/2021

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