The Rise of the Home Wardrobe

The Rise of the Home Wardrobe

By Stephanie Pollard

Who would’ve thought what we wore at home would become such an important part of our wardrobe?

Prior to “these unprecedented times,” life at home required clothes that were comfortable and clean — that’s it. But for the last 18-plus months, dressing at home has taken on a fashion renaissance of its own, putting the idea front and center that we can be excited about our outfiteven if the highlight is sashaying to the couch for movie night.

A little different from dressing to leave the house, building a home wardrobe takes into account your personal style and lifestyle, while focusing on comfortable elegance. Your home wardrobe makes you look just as good for virtual meetings as you do running to the mailbox.

But what are some factors to think about specifically for at-home style? We have a few recommendations for you below: 

Consider the Fit and Fabric

We’re way past the point of suffering in the name of women’s fashion, and we have even less patience for tight, itchy fabric in the one place where we’re supposed to be comfortable. Clothes that provide structure while giving the body room to breathe are made from fabric that pays equal attention to comfort, style, and lifestyle. Sympli’s signature jersey fabric keeps you ready for life on and off screen, from practical features (machine washable and wrinkle-resistant) to style necessities (the perfect combination of softness and stretch for look-good-all-day-wear).

The Shawl Collar Pocket Cardigan is a great example with shawl lapels that

give shape in the front, and an overlay in the back that adds dimension (while covering some smart ruching in the waist), and the Trapeze Dress (Short) is the A-line fit-and-flare piece you need if casual elegance — the “just right” amount of looking good with ease — is part of your signature style.

Other practical and luxurious options are the latest additions to the Sympli family, French Terry and Bamboo!

Made for the days in-between seasons, French Terry is the fabric that keeps you stylish and at the perfect temperature with a special fabric combination that’s midweight (lighter than a sweatshirt, cozier than a t-shirt) and breathable. Paired with our new bamboo fabric pieces like the Bamboo Crew Neck T-Shirt or the Bamboo V-Neck Boxy Top, we get an outfit that
gives us the best loungewear feel, while maintaining a sense of style we’re known for: elegant, high-quality, and fuss-free. 

French Terry Raglan Sleeve Hoodie

Go for Darker or Neutral Colours

Darker or neutral hues make the foundation for a well-rounded wardrobe because they work for any occasion, tend to look more elevated, and with the right amount of care, can last a long time. A practical bonus for darker colours specifically is that they can keep up with the activities, and any potential mishaps that happen in-between working from home.

The Angle Seam Pleat Hem Dress goes from day to night easily with its silhouette, adjustable cowl neckline, and three-quarter sleeves — all that’s missing is a change of lipstick (if you feel like it!). For the lovers of lighter neutrals, the Boxy Rib Sweater Tunic is the style staple you can pair with any pant/skirt/leggings you need for the day, and comes in melange light grey or cream.


Boxy Rib Sweater Tunic & Nu Yoke Legging

Include Life At Home

It’s one thing to think about how our clothes need to perform while outside (weather, commuting, Happy Hour, etc.), but including a rundown of activities done at home ensures that what you’re wearing can keep up with you all day. Like to get up and do a quick stretch for every half hour spent sitting down? Prefer to walk around while on a call with a friend? Need to run out on some last-minute errands with no time to change? However, your days look on average, matching your home wardrobe accordingly lets you look good and get things done. 

The Angle Seam Lantern Pant fits the bill with fabric that’s lightweight and stretchy — perfect for keeping up with whatever you’re doing at the moment. Want to add a little flare to your active workday? The Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan is the lightweight, mid-length, and extra-wide sleeves-for-easy-movement crowning piece for any outfit at home, no matter what you’re doing.

Collectively, we’ve spent more time at home than we have in a while, and it looks like the home wardrobe is going to be a bigger part of our personal style. Choosing pieces that feel good on the body and hold up the entire day is just one of the many changes that are new, but it also opens up new possibilities around how we can embody our style in the one place we get to express ourselves most, that’s a change we can welcome. 

 Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan

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Sympli Staff

Hi Denise, absolutely, the lovely Whisper Kabulo Sleeve Cardigan featured in this article is available for plus size and currently on sale :) please visit to find out what’s available!

Your Sympli Team

Sympli Staff 04/01/2022
Denise Seder

Any of this new products line in plus sizes?

Denise Seder 08/11/2021

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