Dressing For Yourself Is Dressing Your Best: How to add Happiness to Your Wardrobe

Dressing For Yourself Is Dressing Your Best: How to add Happiness to Your Wardrobe

By Stephanie Pollard

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” — Emma Stone

Sometimes, if we’re not careful, the fashion world becomes a house of mirrors — for every one mirror that gives an accurate reflection, there’s a lot more designed to make you look and feel as un-flattering as possible.
It’s not real, yet the feelings hurt.

Fashion trends, advice, tools and resources are all helpful ways to guide you towards a personal style that works for you, and we’d like to focus on another purpose that doesn’t get talked about as much, but is so important in how you decide to dress each day: happiness.
Dressing for happiness can sound self-serving, and it is — you’re empowered by how you choose to show up in the world, and since you’re the one wearing the clothes, you’re precisely the person you need to please.
But how does getting dressed factor into your overall happiness? Keep reading to find out!

The Psychology of Dressing for Happiness

It seems we’re onto something. According to an article from Hello Canada, behavioural psychologist and author of The Psychology of Fashion Professor Carolyn Mair PhD explained that dressing for happiness also sets us up to share that positive energy around others.
"When we feel good in what we are wearing, we tend to be more confident. What we wear is how we show ourselves to those we interact with - we are influenced by their reaction to it. If we are well received, it boosts our confidence and can ultimately affect our wellbeing," she said.

Now that you have science on your side, here are some ways you can dress to make you happy:

Choose Fabrics that Feel Good

We’ve said it before in past posts (like the Rise of the Home Wardrobe, for example) and we’ll say it here: you’ll be happier in women’s clothes that feel good on your body. Fabric that has a high-quality feeling (soft enough for all-day wear, sturdy enough to keep its shape after laundry day) helps you look good and get on with your day because you’re comfortable.

Whether you’re exploring the layering versatility of our Signature Jersey, or getting into the full coziness of our French Terry, an outfit that feels good as well as looks good is not only a possibility, but a requirement.

French Terry Pullover & French Terry Wide Leg Pant 

Work with Your Bodytype

The fashion world can be a confusing space at times, and the adage work with what you got stands out loud and clear in the trends and standards that change like the weather. Unlike women’s clothing size, body type focuses on choosing pieces that suit your shape based on your bone structure — the goal here is to put your best features in the spotlight. Are you petite  Opt for elongating layers like our Key Cardigan or for a lighter-weight option, the Key Vest. Add a Go To Classic T underneath and tuck it in your Belted Hem Jogger for a complete and flattering look.  Rocking a curvy or long and lean figure? Make a statement with printed accents like our Whisper Kabuki Sleeve Cardigan in Smokey Shades Black, or keep it simple with the Button Up Ruched Hem Jacket. Not sure what your body type is? We have a full post to get you started here.

Add a Pop of Colour or a Pattern

Making the colours and patterns you love a regular part of your wardrobe is a great way to boost your mood and your overall happiness. In fact, some cultures celebrate colour (Holi is the Hindu festival that’s also known as the festival of colours) by wearing as much of it as possible.
If that sounds a bit too much, starting small with a colourful accessory (like the Whisper Scarf in floral impressions) gives you the same happiness-boosting power, and the finishing touches for a complete outfit. Feeling more vibrant? The Whisper Split Back Top, Turtle Neck Gathered Sleeve Top or Deep V Top are great examples that come in the rich jewel tones of pomegranate, denim, or evergreen, just to name a few!


1: Whisper Kabuki Cardigan & Turtle Neck Top & Belted Pleat Jogger 2: Whisper Split Back Top & Narrow Pant Midi

Remember Who You’re Dressing For

The best thing about most pieces of fashion advice is that you can apply as much — or as little — of it as you see fit! Gone are the days of wearing clothes for other people’s sake (we all had that unfortunate Christmas present sitting in our closet that only got worn when the gift-giver came to visit), or wearing clothes that no longer serve a purpose in life currently.
Whatever you decide to wear, you’re in full control — that’s one thing to be happy about.

Sympli Has Women’s Clothing For All Body Types
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The Rise of the Home Wardrobe

The Rise of the Home Wardrobe

Introducing Our New French Terry Collection

Introducing Our New French Terry Collection


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