With You In Mind: A Fashionable Cause For Self Love

With You In Mind: A Fashionable Cause For Self Love

The Charitable Sympli Warehouse Sale

“Every single woman is beautiful and deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. Companies need to learn how to do business differently, they need to see that there is potential in standing up for what you believe in.” Abbey Stimpson, Marketing

At Sympli, we’ve always felt that fashion is a tool for self-expression. The manner in which a woman dresses is her unique way of communicating who she is to the rest of the world. Clothing should be positive and empowering, unfortunately, this has not always been the case in the fashion industry… Luckily, we believe in the potential for change. 

 As women, and as an industry, we should all hold ourselves accountable for regarding women’s bodies with kindness and respect. Everyone has the power to make a difference, or impact the way someone may view themselves, and it is important that we take that responsibility seriously. This shared belief is what brought Sympli and the Looking Glass Foundation together. 

 Sympli has been a proud supporter of the Looking Glass Foundation for nearly a decade. It is a relationship that we cherish and are eager to continue in the years to come. Looking Glass provides a caring community of support and prevention for those struggling with eating disorders through recovery-focused programs and outreach services. Thanks to their efforts they have aided with the recovery of hundreds of people and their families dealing with this serious mental illness. While we have been donating generously to their cause for many years, we decided to do a little more…

Every year Sympli hosts a Warehouse Sales to move excess stock and inventory. This November we were thrilled to welcome over 700 women at the Burnaby Scandinavian Centre for our bi-annual sale. The best part is that we have worked with the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders to raise awareness and funds through these sales. We are pleased to say that the sale was a huge success in inspiring passionate discussion on the subject of women’s body image.

“Sympli has been a long-time supporter of the Looking Glass Foundation and we are deeply grateful for their commitment to raising awareness about the work we do and for creating the space for women to feel comfortable with their bodies. Their generosity through events like the Warehouse Sale and their ongoing support help make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with eating disorders.” – Debbie Slattery, Looking Glass Foundation Board Chair

There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own skin, and as women that begins with us. Companies need to learn how to conduct business mindfully. Fashion must evolve to treat women’s bodies with understanding. Women need to tell themselves, their friends, sisters, and daughters, that they are enough, exactly as they are.

A big thank to the wonderful team at the Looking Glass Foundation, for all that they do. Another thank you to the ever-beautiful Sympli woman – you inspire us.

If you would like to learn more about the Looking Glass Foundation, visit their website at www.lookingglassbc.com.

Stacey Huget, Through The Looking Glass

Stacey Huget, Through The Looking Glass

Let's Give Beauty Back!

Let's Give Beauty Back!

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