Makers and Dreamers: The Artist's Story

Makers and Dreamers: The Artist's Story

Aelita Aghuzumtsyan is a talented artist and designer with creative experience in silk art, pattern creation, graphic design and hand painting. The combination of these amazing skills, her ability to translate her artistic vision onto minimalistic and authentic patterns, and her close collaboration with Sympli’s Design team is what brought our unique Fall-Winter 2021 prints to life.

From art fairs in Berlin, Munich and Dresden to her graphic design experience in Vancouver, we could not think of anyone with better creative skills for this exciting fashion process.

Aelita’s artistic inspiration comes from her surroundings and nature. From a beautiful picture and music, to feelings. “Everything that evokes emotions gives me inspiration. You pick up ideas wherever you go, wherever you look”.  


The creative thinking and process behind our bespoke prints begins with leaving contemporary trends aside, and coming up with unique designs using and trusting her artistic instincts.

Not only are our Fall-Winter 2021 prints special for being unique, also because of the personal stories, experiences and feelings that come with having an artist behind the process. That is where their true authenticity comes from. “... What gives us authenticity is often who stands behind us - our origins, our experiences, our feelings. And how we find our personal way to express that”.

Design is art made funcional and here is where true skill comes to play. “I put my head more into thinking about functionality when creating designs for the fabrics. I have to see in a way how it is going to look when we wear it”.

The Fall-Winter 2021 colour palette represents our brand values of simplicity, comfort, and innovation. Therefore, Aelita wanted to make sure that these were well spoken through the use of colour. Colour blends have the ability to change the feelings evoked by a piece, allowing a combination to feel more elegant and another more simple and basic even when playing with the same colour palette.

“It is hard to describe where my artistic side originated and how my style evolved. I just remember, as a child I was in love with nature, the many colours and my overall surroundings that represent my beautiful home country”.


A close and creative collaboration between our women’s clothing Design team and Aelita brought her art to life through hand drawn and painted sketches that translated into five spectacular prints. Bespoke patterns that repeat seamlessly became wearable art to express your unique personality  , your way.

Trusting Aelita’s artistic instincts and exploring different kinds of techniques is what has allowed her to take her creativity onto Sympli’s stunning new Fall-Winter prints and truly take her unique touch from paper to fabric “... having experiential time was the most enjoyable part of the project. I used paper, watercolor and ink as a starting point for making the prints. I think about them as a picture, a way to tell a story”.

Bringing the artist’s creativity into our clothes is all about adding personality and emotional quality to our designs. From pens, brushes and colour to the beautiful and unique pieces we proudly bring to you this season.

“I truly enjoyed the freedom of creativity that I am able to use when working on these projects with Sympli for which I’m very thankful! Being surrounded by people who believe and encourage your ideas, brings out the best in you and so much fun with it.”

Special thanks to Aelita Aghuzumtsyan for sharing a bit of her her creative process with us and for bringing our Fall-Winter 2021 prints to life. 

Instagram: @artbyaelita

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