Top 5 Pieces for Every Occasion

Top 5 Pieces for Every Occasion

By Stephanie Pollard-Scott

Sympli-fying your wardrobe means finding the pieces that meet your needs at every moment, including a moment’s notice. Instead of demanding fashion trends, we love high quality pieces that work for multiple occasions, take you from day-to-night, and make getting dressed enjoyable!

We’ve curated a guide of five Sympli pieces that will keep you looking fabulous from morning rush to evening plans and everything in between. Each of these pieces is curated, focusing on creating staple clothing for women for each season.

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Here is our list of 5 pieces that are perfect for every occasion:

#1 Clip Shrug

Great for stylish layering
Proudly made in Canada, our Clip Shrug is the layering solution you’ve been looking for. Structured and relaxed, our Clip Shrug slips over dresses and sleeveless tops (no more tugging at bunched fabric inside the sleeves!), while the angled front panels create a flattering neckline.

Pair it with: Our Go-To Tank Tunic and Nu Yoke Legging or with the Sleeveless Reversible Tie Dress that is perfect for summer!
Perfect for: Whether you’re delivering a presentation in the boardroom, or making a toast at dinner, the Clip Shrug is a fashion staple that works all day.

#2 Printed Mesh Go To Cropped T

Sheer elegance without the fuss
After the winter magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve comes the romance of Spring, and the Sympli Printed Mesh Go To Cropped T is the wardrobe addition to coax us out of sweaters and embrace warmer temperatures outside. Made in a Melange Olive base, our newest floral print gives you the option of dressing up more casual outfits, without overdoing it.

Pair it with: The Reversible Go To Tank Relax  and Safari Ankle Pant
Perfect for: A morning walk through the farmer’s market, then lunch with friends at your favourite restaurant. Or for comfortably hosting family over the weekend while looking fabulous!

#3 Colour Block Lantern Dress

The one-and-done for simple sophistication
The best part about wearing dresses is that once you put them on, you’re dressed! Our Colour Block Lantern Dress maximizes that fact with a figure-flattering silhouette and hemline that lands at calf-length, making it an easy option for occasions that call for an appropriate dress code, without feeling stuffy.

Pair it with: Not sure about accessories? Add your favourite jewelry, and be good to go!  
Perfect for: A day trip to your local art gallery followed up with delicious dinner plans.  

#4 Pleat Hem Tank Dress

The effortless fashion statement
Bursting into Spring is easy with this piece! Our Pleat Hem Tank Dress is made in a relaxed and flattering fit, with a hemline that falls just under the calf. The pleated sides are what give this dress its lantern shape, just enough structure to stay above the “a bit too casual” line. If the watermelon shade is a touch bright for your style, this dress also comes in our luscious Melange Olive, perfect for women that love making a statement with neutrals!

Perfect for: A breezy vacation that includes breakfast by the water and dancing the night away to local music.

#5 Rapt Pant

The easy elegance choice
Every woman’s closet needs a fashion staple that balances making a statement with timeless elegance, the Rapt Pant is perfect for that.

With a fuller fit through the leg, the rapt pant meets the elevated wardrobe levels with wrap-over detailing that adds draping and movement with each step. Keeping easy elegance in mind, the rapt pant also has a supportive and comfortable high yoke waistband, ensuring the day gets spent in comfort and style.

Pair it with: Deep V Trapeze Top or Deep V Trapeze Tank, depending on the weather and your mood.
Perfect for: A busy day running errands in the city, making it just in time for the surprise birthday party. 

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful --  with pieces that take you from day-to-night, getting dressed becomes easy and fun because they work with your personal style and lifestyle.

Shop Online With Sympli We focus on creating a timeless style in your closet with favourites you will love forever while making sure you’re keeping up to date on the latest fashions, using the highest quality fabrics. Shop New Arrivals

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