Find Your Skin Tone And Undertone For Dressing Your Best Self For Summer

Find Your Skin Tone And Undertone For Dressing Your Best Self For Summer

By: Lindsay Tapscott

Adding more colour to your wardrobe might feel daunting at first, but with a little help, it can be super easy. And figuring out which colours best flatter your unique skin tone can help you look your absolute best in the fashion you wear and glow from the inside out.

Just like with makeup and hair colour, the key to finding your best colours starts with identifying your skin’s undertone, which falls into one of three categories: warm, cool or neutral.

Some women already know what their undertone is; if you do, you’re already halfway there! But in case you’re not sure of your undertone, we’ve included some helpful tips for figuring it out..

 We also know that getting dressed fashionably in Canada during the summer can be tricky––there’s every event under the sun (literally), from barbecues to weddings to late-afternoon cocktails, and you have to dress for the sweltering heat while somehow still looking chic. It’s tough to find the perfect women's summer clothing. 

The first thing you need to know is your undertone; once you have figured it out, we have recommended certain colours to match to ensure optimal radiance.

You have a warm undertone if:

You have a green, yellow or olive-y complexion and your hair colour is anywhere from dark brown to dark blonde. You’re warm if you also think yellow gold jewellery looks best on your skin.

 Warm tones love bright colours, like Sympli’s hibiscus pink or watermelon shades. Wear them to backyard barbecues, pool parties, and evening cocktails on the patio.

 Our Twist Sleeve Tunic in Watermelon 

You have a cool undertone if:

Your skin tone has a bluish undertone to it and your hair colour is anywhere from very dark to light blonde. You gravitate towards silver and rose gold jewelry.

Cool tones love darker colours, like black, navy and other cool blues. Pastel colours, like light pinks and greens (think lotus pink and cactus green), also add a nice softness. Wear them to weddings, outdoor parties or anywhere that calls for getting a little dressed up.

 Our Boat Neck Dolman Top in Lotus

You have a neutral undertone if:

 You can’t quite tell if you’re warm or cool, and your hair is a blend of colours, like brown with hints of red or blonde with streaks of ash. Most people with neutral undertones have hazel eyes that adapt to the colours they wear, and when it comes to jewelry choices, you love to mix your metals.

 Neutral tones love neutral colours, like white and beige-y hues like our sand and driftwood shades. But if you’re looking to add more colour into your closet, opt for light blues and pinks, like our chambray blue or lotus pink.

Wear them to casual events like picnics and chill get-togethers with friends, or dress head-to-toe in one shade for a special occasion, for a light, high-quality look that’s simple and sophisticated.

 Our Linen V-Neck Tank in Chambray 

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Theresa Towells

I haven’t seen any petite sizing on your site??
Did I miss something?

Theresa Towells 23/07/2022
Lauren Joy Rocque

Great article! Very helpful in choosing right colours.

Lauren Joy Rocque 07/07/2022

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