4 Office-Ready Summer Outfits that aren’t Suits

4 Office-Ready Summer Outfits that aren’t Suits

By: Lindsay Tapscott

Now that most workplaces have opened up again, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, stylistically speaking. But putting together a lovely, office-appropriate, high-quality outfit can be tough. You need to be comfortable during your commute and not freeze at your desk under the AC, plus you need to adhere to the office dress code, but who wants to be so formal with their office fashion right now and wear a suit in the summer? (Hint: no one.)

Navigate the tricky rules of women's summer workwear and get inspired with our incredible in-office outfits that make you feel comfortable and stylish for the summer season. 

The All-Linen Look
Linen is soft, breathable, and naturally cooling, making it the perfect material when you arrive at the office during the summer heat. Durable yet lightweight and sustainable, linen has long been a staple fabric for the hot summer months. And, when worn the right way, it absolutely makes for polished workwear pieces that update a tired office wardrobe. Pair our Linen Dolman Top with the Linen Wide Leg Crop––we suggest going monochromatic in Navy or Chambray ––for a look that’s elevated, effortless and endlessly wearable. 

The One-and-Done Look
Throwing on a dress for the workday is the easiest way to create a formal-ish feeling with your style without looking too serious. Our Boat Neck Belted Dress is a refined yet relaxed piece that you can take from day to night without detracting from your professional appearance. Wear it in Navy or our
Flora print depending on how many heads you want to turn––either way, you’ll nail effortless elegance perfect for work.

The Colour-Blocked Look
Summer is all about adding colour to your clothing, but trying to correlate with your outfit's colour scheme can be daunting. We have created the perfect outfit to bring out the summer colours while still feeling professional for work. Start with our Narrow Pant Midi (8 colour choices) to select your ideal base colour, then complete the look with the Go-To Classic T-Shirt Relax 3/4 Sleeve or Trapeze Tunic both with various colour combinations of your choice. Then throw on the Everyday Cardigan Long in black to pull it all together.

The Not-a-Pantsuit Look
Office dress codes are often assumed to be bland and boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Play with the idea of the classic pantsuit by pairing our Wide Leg Trouser Crop with the
Boat Neck Dolman Top. The wide leg is a contemporary twist on the typical trouser, and our multiple iterations of the top––try it in new Lotus pink or Cactus green––mean there’s a style to match your every mood. Plus, wearing different colours on the top and bottom helps you stand out from the black and navy crowd. Add our elegant Key Cardigan with its double-layered open front to complete the look and keep you warm when the AC’s turned up on high.

Shop Online With Sympli
We focus on creating a timeless style in your closet with favourites you will love forever while making sure you’re keeping up to date on the latest fashions, using the highest-quality fabrics. We also carry a variety of sizes from petite to plus size. 

Find your perfect office-ready summer outfit today.

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