Fashion For Every Women

Fashion For Every Women

Sympli® is a brand for every woman. It is made for each and every one of us because of the way it wears and fits! Today we are reviewing this fabulous brand and giving you all of the details about one of our new favorites lines!

About Sympli®

I have had my eye on this brand and recently learned more about it when I had the opportunity to work with them. Sympli first started on the idea that founder Jan Stimpson wanted to find the perfect tee. It turns out this was a lot easier said than done, so out of this challenge Jan was inspired to create a collection that focused on simplicity and an honest fit. Her mission was to address the needs of every woman regardless of age, shape, size, or style. Therein came the vision for Sympli®, a brand embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly, an authentic fit that is crafted with every body in mind. To this day, 100% of Sympli® clothing is designed and manufactured in Canada.

Today Sympli® has grown to present a wardrobe of possibility, with endless mix and match potential so that every woman can create a look that is uniquely her own. They refused to compromise, which is why their fabrics are rigorously selected for quality, comfort, and drape. With just the right weight for flowing movement and the perfect composition for wrinkle-resistant wear (perfect for travel), Sympli® ensures that you look your best all day long, no matter where the day takes you!

Dream Dress Sympli

Giving Back

For years Sympli® has been a proud supporter of the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization that offers a caring community of support and prevention for those suffering from eating disorders. They share the belief that every woman is perfectly whole and valuable when we are purely ourselves, so together they hope to make a difference. Working towards a future where every woman can look in the mirror and love themselves for everything that we are is their ultimate goal.


Something so great about Sympli® is their sizing! Ladies, the brand’s sizes range from 0 – 18!

Sympli Size Chat

Where To Shop Sympli®

To shop Sympli online simply click here! For a local store click here to find one closest to you!

Sympli Lantern Pant Sympli Icon Tunic

Outfit details

Black Lantern Pant and Icon Tunic

Sandals, Earring, Bracelet, Hat, Sunglasses on original post, link below. 

Sleeveless Dream Dress // Sandals, Earring and Lips on original post, link below. 


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I am so glad I made it home Sunday because today the mayor of Houston just put the city in a tighter lock down. Our patience, and temperaments are starting to get tested. The only way to get through this is through prayer. Do I hear an AMEN?

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