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By: Lindsay Tapscott

What makes the perfect T-shirt so… perfect? It might feel like a simple question, but finding one that checks all the boxes, from fit to comfort to quality, is harder than it seems. It was certainly a question that plagued our founder, Jan, and inspired her to create the Sympli brand in the first place––tired of trying to find the perfect T-shirt and coming up empty-handed, she decided to just design it herself. The result is one of our best-selling Sympli Staples pieces, the 
Go To Classic T-Shirt Relax.


It All Started with a White T-Shirt

When setting out to design the perfect tee, Jan started with fashion’s ultimate symbol of go-anywhere freedom: the classic white T-shirt. Knowing that nothing feels worse on the body than an ill-fitting, uncomfortable, scratchy, stiff tee, she was inspired to create a classic piece of clothing that focused on simplicity and comfort, regardless of the wearer’s age, shape, size or style. Little did she know at the time that therein lay the vision for the Sympli brand itself––one that embodies comfort, effortless care and an authentic fit crafted with every body in mind––but design it she did paving the path a full line of stylish and comfortable elevated basics and statement pieces you know and love today.


The Go To Classic Relax T-Shirt 

Since its inception 15 years ago, the Go To Classic Relax T-Shirt has been sold 106,021 times and redesigned in varying sleeve lengths and colour ways to adapt to the different seasons and trends. Crafted from our signature easy-care, wrinkle-free and beautiful drape jersey fabric, it’s available in both short and three-quarter-length-sleeve styles, and in a tunic length for a more legging-friendly option. It also comes in a range of shades, from neutrals to prints, and it features a subtle round hem and flattering side slits, so you can style it with any type of pant or skirt with ease. It’s a high-quality item that makes for a timeless addition to your closet as it never goes out of style.

Wear it Anytime and with Anything

Fashion trends come and go but the Go To Classic T is a timeless item that will forever be a part of our lives and wardrobes. It’s a total closet staple and style foundation piece that goes with absolutely everything, no matter the season, time of day or dress code. Plus, as we make our way back to the office, start to make travel plans again and go out with friends, it’s a piece that that can be paired with trousers, jeans, leggings or skirts, layered under a sweater or worn on its own. For fall, we’re loving it in our Pomegranate, Plum, Dragonfly, Marigold, and Coffee colour-ways.

Shop Online With Sympli

We focus on creating a timeless style in your closet with women’s fashion favourites you will love forever while making sure youre keeping up to date on the latest fashions, using the highest-quality fabrics. We also carry a variety of sizes from petite to plus size. 

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