4 Fashion Rules To Break in 2022

4 Fashion Rules To Break in 2022

By: Lindsay Tapscott

We recently did a blog post for fashion tips for every body type, focusing on enhancing your figure so you feel relaxed and fabulous! While we're behind these rules 100%, there are some fashion rules that we feel are completely inaccurate in making a woman feel their absolute best. Yes, if you love your hips but not so much your waist, there are tips and tricks for getting dressed that can highlight one and pull focus from the other. But fashion is also an art of creative self-expression, and you should never feel like you “can’t” wear something because it’s not “for you” based on your size and shape. We at Sympli are inspired by––and design for––confident women who are constantly exploring and evolving in all areas of their lives, including their personal style. Fashion is a tool of self-expression of who you are. But fashion rules aren't set in stone, and it makes sense to go against them.

Some of the rules behind getting dressed that we’ve been taught are simply outdated and, frankly, should be ignored. Below, we list the major fashion offenders that women collectively need to break in 2022.

Outdated Rule #1: Curvy people shouldn’t wear prints

We’ve been told since forever that curvier bodies should wear darker clothes like black or navy because these colours are slimming (it’s also historically been only what’s available in plus sizes). But your size shouldn’t prevent you from wearing whatever you want. Yes, there are tips and tricks for looking your best in your clothes, but that doesn’t mean always opting for black when what you really want to wear is a floral print. All bodies should be able to wear what they love instead of picking and choosing.


Sympli suggests: Our Trapeze Dress in Mineral, our Nu Whisper Split Back Top, our Trapeze Tunic in Animal Fog, or our Whisper 2-Tone Kimono in Mineral.

Outdated Rule #2: Short people shouldn’t wear cropped pants

We’ve always been taught that cropped pants make you look shorter because the hem cuts you off three-quarters of the way down your leg, but that’s actually not the case. A cropped pant can be elongating as long as you know how to wear it––for example, by choosing a high-waisted pant and pairing it with a heel or boot that lengthens the whole silhouette. 


Sympli suggests: Our Bamboo Cigarette Pant or our Safari Jumpsuit, for a one-and-done, top-to-bottom look.

Outdated Rule #3: People whose arms aren’t toned should wear longer sleeves

This rule is so deeply body-negative that we don’t know where to begin! Women’s bodies are beautiful, no matter what they look like, and opting for something sleeveless or short-sleeve can feel powerful and free. And if you feel good in what you’re wearing, that’s absolutely all that matters.


Sympli suggests: Our Deep V Trapeze Tank, our Bamboo Scoop Neck T or our Mock Neck Tank.

Outdated Rule #4: Tall people shouldn’t wear heels

Absolutely not to this rule! Don’t be afraid to add on some extra height––heels elevate your look as well as your body, giving and they give you an added boost of confidence. They’re fun and sexy, and everyone should wear them, no matter how tall you are.


Sympli suggests: Pair your favourite heels with our Cutting Edge Dress, our Underline Boat Neck Tunic, our Lynk Legging paired with the Lynk Tunic, or our Slice It Tunic paired with our Rapt Pant for extra oomph

There is one rule of fashion, however, that we do swear by, and that’s to wear whatever it is that makes you feel like the absolute best version of yourself. That is why we write this Canadian fashion blog to promote confidence with style and inspire other women.

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