With You In Mind: The Perfect Fit Is a Feeling

With You In Mind: The Perfect Fit Is a Feeling

The Perfect Fit is a Feeling

The right fit is about more than a garment in your size. It’s about the precise way it drapes on your body, how it hugs your curves and highlights your best features. The perfect fit is a feeling, and it can completely transform your day.

We take extra time and care when perfecting the fit of our garments because we believe that quality design should feel as good as it looks.

The Process

 Each collection begins with a story. Which colours will brighten the season? What styles do women want to wear for the change in weather? Our Design team sets to work; planning, sketching and outlining until something beautiful begins to take shape. That’s only just the beginning! What follows are months of planning and redesigning to get the fit for each piece just right. 

Perfecting our Fit 

Excellent fit is both a craft and an art form. This is why Sympli designers work alongside fit technicians to ensure that every piece of clothing is made to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. We don’t make our clothes for mannequins. Instead of sticking pins and needles into padded skeletons, we bring in women who wear the sizes we’re designing for. Don’t’ worry—we don’t stick pins in them either!

We test our garments countless times, moving design lines, and altering hems until we’re confident we’ve crafted the most flattering look for your body. Behind every piece of Sympli clothing is a team of dedicated individuals, it’s almost like we’re in the fitting room with you! That’s why we know it will fit. We’ve taken the time, so you don’t have to.

You Are Perfect

Next time you’re in the fitting room remember: when it comes to your clothes they are meant to flatter you, not the other way around. Don’t settle for a fit that’s “good enough.” Demand fashion as beautiful and unique as you are so you can walk out of that fitting room and shine!

Browse the new Spring Collection on our website today.


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