Style Ideas: Aging Gracefully with Sympli

Style Ideas: Aging Gracefully with Sympli

By Jan Correll

Sympli is designed by women, for women. It is crafted for each one of us because of the way it fits and how it adapts to our lives, no matter where the day takes us. Inspired by timeless beauty, we talked about ‘Aging Gracefully’ with Jan Correll.

Jan is a wife, mom, grandma, and lifestyle blogger who shares tips on how to accentuate ageless beauty and who enjoys the pure fun and freedom an ageless lifestyle brings. 

Collaborating with Jan is fun and inspiring, not only because we love the way she styles her Sympli pieces, but also because her vision towards women’s fashion and style aligns with our Sympli values of effortless, inclusive, and timeless style. Like us, Jan is inspired by empowering women to ‘rewrite the rules’ and be themselves in confidence. 

Aging Gracefully with Sympli Style 

“Aging is not what it used to be and we can re-write the rules for generations to come. Gone are the days of having to fit into a mold because of our age”

I did not go to school for fashion, nor was my career in fashion. However, my personal style and flair have always been a topic of conversation since I was young.  As an awkward girl and throughout my career as sales leader in technology, I would walk into school, a meeting, onto a plane, or literally anywhere and people commented about what I was wearing, how I was wearing it, or the color of my hair. This was always a conversation starter and inspired me (and my love of helping others) into starting and writing my blog: Silver is the New Blonde®.

To this day, I would rather wear heels and dress up every single day. Why? Because I like the way it makes me feel. Although, I am not in the corporate world any longer, I still want to show up as my best self every single day. To me, that means, light makeup and an outfit that can take me from meetings, to shopping or to the grocery store. And that conveys my personal style.

As a stylist, I do not tell women what to wear or what not to wear.  What I tell women is that they should choose what makes them feel great (for their body) and wear their style with confidence.  Sometimes it’s a simple bangle or a pair of earrings that can give a simple look, that personal edge. I suggest studying women’s magazines, or different blogs to decide what a woman does and doesn’t like. If they need to copy a look, great (it’s the best form of flattery!) or just take bits and pieces from a look. However, the key to style is to always make it their own. And once a woman learns that she is more confident.  

Discovering Sympli’s Women’s Clothing

As we mature in age, comfort in clothes becomes more important. This was not something I paid attention to in the past whereas now, I look for soft and comfortable clothes.  As I was winding down my career in the corporate world (while on a flight) a woman told me about the Sympli brand.  Her outfit was stylish, and she was very put together. She told me she wore Sympli every day while traveling and again at home on her casual days.  I was intrigued.

I found Sympli soon after that and have been wearing this wonderful brand since. 

I am excited to incorporate the new Sympli French Terry line into my casual wardrobe. These soft, comfortable, stylish clothes are exactly what I look for in a brand! As we age, I want to look my best every day and feel confident when I get dressed even for a casual day.  

Aging gracefully is simple with Sympli.

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