Our Favourite Style Muse is Mom

Our Favourite Style Muse is Mom

For Mother’s Day, Canadian #momfluencer Rajbinder K. Grewal talks about her mother’s influence on her personal style.

 Moms can impact our lives in so many ways, including how we get dressed. We asked one of our favourite momfluencers, Rajbinder K. Grewal (@thismamaneedsavacay), to tell us about the ways in which her mother has impacted her fashion journey and style (and if she’s passing any of those tips down to her own daughters!).

1) What are the differences (if any) between your style and your mother’s style?
My mother was and still is my first style icon. I can say that her style is what influenced my own personal style. Her style is classic, elegant and understated but still always with an air of being current. She usually opts for more muted colours and balances out her accessories. If we were the same size, I’d be borrowing from her closet!

2) What's the best style tip your mother ever gave you?
I think the best style tip she ever imparted on me was to wear whatever I wanted. She never actually told me what to wear or not to wear, and always said, whatever you want. I think this is key for all women because we should always dress for ourselves first and foremost. Dress for how we feel and for what makes us happy.

3) Did she have any style rules that you simply refused to follow?
I think when it comes to fashion and style I always listen to my mother! (Maybe not for other things though!). She really allowed me to figure out what my personal style was for myself and to try whatever it was that I wanted to. Although of course I’m sure when she took me shopping she was able to refuse some of the things I may have picked out!

4) If you could choose anything from your closet as your absolute style staple, what would it be?
I have a few fashion staples but they all have one thing in common: quality. Whether it’s my favourite white tank that I wear with sweats or layered under a blazer, or my favourite pair of jeans, the items I turn to time and time again always are made with good quality. The fabrics, fit and cut are important elements of my favourite staples. But if I had to choose just one item? It would definitely be my jeans!

5) Have you shared any of your own style tips and tricks with your daughters?
I’m trying to not say too much to them about style, and definitely no rules about that. This is the age for them to learn to feel good about themselves and to find out what their personal style is in a safe environment. Personal style is about your own self expression and wearing what makes you feel good about yourself. Most importantly that it doesn’t ever have to be defined in one way , that it can change and be fluid and represent you in all the parts of your life.

Written in collaboration with Rajbinder K. Grewal

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