An Interview With Lin Of Phoenix Boutique

An Interview With Lin Of Phoenix Boutique

Meet Lin Rockwell of Phoenix Boutique, A Sympli Success Story

It’s time to announce a brand new segment coming to the Sympli blog. Meet the Sympli Success Stories, our retailers! We would never be where we are today without all the wonderful women and entrepreneurs that make Sympli an amazing experience. Today we’ll be hearing from Lin Rockwell, owner of Phoenix boutique in West Vancouver, BC. Lin has been with Sympli from the very beginning, and we couldn’t be more excited to share her story.

How did your love for fashion begin?  

I was very young, maybe 4 or 5 years old. I was playing on the floor beside my mother who was sewing at the table. She dropped a few scraps of velvet and ribbon, so I snatched them up and started making clothes for my dolls. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Why did you decide to open a boutique? 

I loved working in the fashion industry, and I was looking for my next big project. I decided that opening my own boutique would be a fun and exciting challenge. It has certainly proven itself to be both, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What is your favourite part about your job?  

It’s hard to decide! I love working alongside my daughter Sasha, and my customers and staff have always felt like friends. Every day I’m surrounded by wonderful women that I get to play dress-up with, what’s not to love? Merchandising the store with my daughter is always fun too, we love thinking up all the creative displays.

What are the most common ‘pain-points’ that customers come to you for?  

The most common pain-point I encounter is, unfortunately, customers that cannot come to terms with their bodies. It’s a lack of self-love that they pin on themselves. At my boutique, we do our best to show them how they can look great. We build a relationship with our women, get them laughing and enjoying themselves, so they can learn to love fashion again. 

Do you think there is a gap in the women’s fashion market?  

Absolutely! There’s a huge gap in the women’s fashion market for anyone over a size 12, or over age 40. It’s ridiculous, especially since there are so many women that fit in that bracket. At Phoenix, we do our part to fill that gap with our selection of styles, sizes and silhouettes. 

How did you first discover Sympli?  

Living on the North Shore, we discovered Sympli pretty early on. I would say that we’ve been supporting the brand since the very beginning!

What would you consider to be Sympli’s best-selling feature?  

Sympli’s best feature is definitely its commitment to fit and flatter all women, no matter their age, size or style! It’s a line that offers versatility and comfort, all while being easy to care for.

Do you have a unique Sympli customer story you like to share?  

There’s so many! Honestly, it’s the effect it has on our customers. That moment when they come out of the fitting room, a big smile on their face, it’s a transformation! We love making women happy.

What’s your go-to piece of style advice?  

My advice is to use Sympli as a canvas that you colour with your own personality. It gives you a beautiful, flattering base that you can make into something completely unique based on however you style and layer it. You can be anything from classic and sophisticated to artsy and adventurous! That’s the beauty of fashion. 

 Lin’s love for art and fashion started when she was a young girl; when she wasn’t drawing or painting she was designing clothing for her dolls. After a successful career in fashion merchandising, Lin opened Pheonix boutique which she is still running after over 30 years. Lin now enjoys working with her daughter, and business partner, Sasha as well as the many good friends she’s made along the way.


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Let's Give Beauty Back!

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