How to give your wardrobe 2023 a refresh

How to give your wardrobe 2023 a refresh

By: Lindsay Tapscott 

It’s a wardrobe refresh, not a wardrobe reset.

2023 is here (!?!) and the start of any new year often brings resolutions of change, whether it’s adjusting your personal routine, setting goals, or making small shifts to improve your health. You may be asking yourself how to refresh your wardrobe? At Sympli, we like to think about making sartorial changes––about what it looks like to approach fashion in a fresh way and decide how we want to dress for the new year ahead.

Maybe you’re thinking about how to update your style, about cleansing your closet of unworn items, or about updating your wardrobe with new pieces for a fresh start to your style. We’re all about making New Year’s resolutions, but rather than making grand ones that we’re unlikely to ever keep, we like to start small and slowly introduce new changes over time, so we’re more likely to stick to them.

The same goes for style: rather than get rid of everything you own and start from scratch (“This is the year I start wearing hot pink!” when your closet is filled with black, for example), what if you introduce small changes to your style, one item or idea at a time? Below, we’ve suggested a few ways to start doing just that.

Add a touch of colour or print

Incorporating one new colour or print into your closet is a great way of slowly adding more tones to your wardrobe overall. It’s less overwhelming, particularly if you’re prone to wearing mostly black, grey or navy, and you’re more likely to wear the colourful item if it’s just one piece you can pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

We suggest the Bamboo Scoop Neck T-shirt in blue multi-stripe, the Go To Tank Relax in aqua, and the Everyday Cardigan in navy stripe.

Try out a new texture

Adding a new texture can feel even safer than adding colour because you can stick to your tried-and-true colours while still wearing something fresh. 

We suggest the Texture Block Boxy Sweater in navy or white, the Faux Denim Narrow Pant in medium wash, and the Silicone Coated Rusch Jacket.

Embrace an unexpected silhouette

Going boldly where you’ve not gone before in terms of the shapes and lines of your clothing can feel scary, but we suggest starting small: maybe choose a cropped fit instead of your go-to hip length, or try a trouser with a wider leg rather than your standard straight cut. It’s a small yet effective adjustment, but hey, what is a new year for?

We suggest the Clip Shrug in white, the Sleeveless Reversible Tie Dress in aqua, the Wide Leg Trouser in navy stripe, and the Square Neck Top.



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