Dopamine Dressing: Positively Impact The Way You Feel

Dopamine Dressing: Positively Impact The Way You Feel

By Stephanie Pollard-Scott

Have you ever heard of Dopamine Dressing? Can fashion help you feel better?

Finding inspiration to dress up isn't always easy. Some days opening our closet doors doesn’t give us the spark of joy we need to meet life head-on, but we feel the difference when we're wearing pieces that help us look and feel good.

What’s happening?

Feel Good Dressing, also known as Dopamine Dressing, is a fashion technique used to feel good by wearing your favourite colours, or re-wearing your dearest pieces. The happy colours or memories signal dopamine (a neurotransmitter that boosts our mood) in our bodies, which our brains use for reward, motivation, memory, and attention.

So, how do we make Feel Good Dressing part of our everyday routine?

Dopamine Dressing Needs Feel Good Fabric

High-quality fabric helps us feel better when  we get dressed

Feel Good Dressing starts with our clothes feeling good against our skin; it helps our bodies relax and feel safe.

All of our Spring-Summer 2023 fabrications are thoughtfully curated to hug the body, drape in all the right places, provide just the right amount of stretch, and feel comfortable no matter where the day takes you. Think 100% cotton Fully Fashioned sweaters for a calm and comfortable day at home, or breathable and soft bamboo in seasonal colours for your next winter escape.

Each collection's fabrics Sympli  are listed under the Shop Menu, giving you a full description of how each material works for your body as you shop online 

Wear Your  Happy Colour(s)

Include the colours you enjoy wearing as part of your wardrobe

From a  Sympli perspective, confident fashion comes from high-quality comfort and comes in your favourite colours -- it’s the happiness solution you can reach for again and again.

Suppose  you are new to adding colour to your daily wardrobe. In that case, our Gallery Collection uses colour blocking with neutrals to make a striking contrast, like our Colour Block Boxy Tunic.

Ready to make a  bolder fashion statement? Our newest women’s collection is available in vibrant shades of aqua, turquoise, butter, watermelon and more! Other colours from us are on the way, so keep an eye out for more Sympli newness. But if colours don't empower you, then prints are your go-to for Feel Good Dressing. Feel empowered with our Walk In The Park collection

Feel Good Dressing Helps You Look Good

Don’t forget about your body type when getting dressed!

The adage when you feel good, you look good sums up the positivity cycle of Feel Good Dressing. In other words, it includes wearing clothes that fit well and flatter your body type. Understanding and dressing your body type takes some practice (we have our Fashion Tips for Flattering Every Body Type post to help get you started), and your Feel Good outfits are limitless once you’ve mastered what works for you. The Colour Block Lantern Dress sits just below the knee for the woman that likes comfort and flair. Enjoy your height? The Stripe Wide Leg Trouser from our Seaworthy Collection may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ready to celebrate your shoulders? The Deep V Trapeze Tank is yours to check out.

Feel Good Dressing is a quick, fun and practical way to get back into the groove of your day, anytime you need it. As long as it feels good to wear, is in a colour that gives you joy (black, white, and navy included) and suits your body, getting back to joy is one outfit away!

If Dopamine Dressing  has yet to be  part of your daily routine lately, or for a while, visit us online at, where all our pieces are created for women who dress to feel good on their terms.

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