Championing The Success Of Women - Part 2

Championing The Success Of Women - Part 2

From the very beginning our goal has been to create pieces that focus on a feeling instead of fashion trends, designing pieces that help women of  all ages and body types live as their most confident selves. In addition to creating clothes that look good, feel good and last.
Throughout the years we have found ways to actively be involved in our community and support causes that go beyond a woman's wardrobe.

This Women’s History Month, we spoke with five women we admire about their work, how women coming together changes everything for the better, and their style.

In our last post we learned about valuing the work women do for our communities with Natasha Irvine, Communications Director for Dress For Success Vancouver (you can also read about her favourite style unicorn pieces here). 
For this post, we’re pulling back the curtains behind Sympli to chat with our President, Olga Stevens!

Despite the heaviness that comes with an important position, Stevens puts a lot of value behind flow, an intention that creates a hardworking, flexible and supportive work culture.

Find out how Olga puts in the work to create more ease in her work and style below: 

Tell us a bit about your current role (or career) and how it uplifts women around you and in your industry

I am leading a team of women that turn Sympli business into an experience. I am very proud to be part of this hard working community where humility and support are no strange terms.

What achievement are you most proud of, personally or professionally?

Ability to recognize weakness and give an opportunity to rise above it. There are situations that sometimes seem (unsolvable) and we get into a “quit” type of mode. However, recognizing what is happening and addressing it through honest conversations -- either with people that you trust within the business, or people above you -- can lead to much stronger relationships. 

Do not let your insecurities do the talking. Let others into a conversation, admit your struggles and need for help. It raises you above what you know and your perceptions.

Creating a problem out of a challenge makes us flee, accepting the challenge in a humble way and asking for help makes us progress. 

If you could give your 20-year-old self-one piece of career advice, what would that be?

Give yourself a break, you are only human.

I find that when we’re younger, there’s this big rush to get the things we’re “supposed” to have by a certain age, and life has a funny way of not going as planned. If you can give yourself a break while working towards your goal, it will make life less stressful.

What do you think women-led companies should encourage in their industries and why?

Allow women to have executive positions within each business.

It usually takes one to balance out the team, hear different perspectives and come up with unique solutions. Imagine what 2 can do…

How does style factor into your career?

I don't overdo it or push it. It develops over time and changes. This is the beauty.

I prefer to keep my style fairly minimal with pieces that work for more than one occasion, that helps me get through my schedule without worrying about what I’m wearing.

Please finish the sentence: "When women work together____."

When women work together, the world runs smoothly.

We already know life happens. Plans go sideways, we make mistakes, and we’re occasionally blindsided by an “unexpected turn of events.” But if we’re able to keep going with more grace, a sense of humour, and a few key wardrobe pieces that can be worn all day at multiple events, life seems doable - for now.

In our next post, we’re speaking with Robyn Chisholm, a woman who has a front row seat to the ripple effect of empowered women - on a major scale!

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Sympli Staff

Hello Karen,

Thank you for your comment. We too are moved by our featured women in our 4-part series during the International Women’s Month. You are correct in that the top Olga is wearing in the photo featured in the article is not from Sympli, however this does not reflect the grand passion Olga has for our product and our brand. Here at Sympli, we encourage all women who wear Sympli to create their own style and if that means pairing Sympli with other designers and brands to feel empowered and feel at your very best then we support that too! Sympli is a versatile and interchangeable product. It can be worn head-to-toe or very nicely matched with other brands. That’s the beauty of Sympli. Easy care, Easy wear. And afterall, we’re inspired by confident women who are constantly exploring and evolving in all areas of life, including personal style.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, thank you!

Have a Sympli amazing day,


Sympli Staff 13/03/2023
Karen Andrew

Empowering words from a woman for women. Disappointing to see or NOT see the Sympli President NOT wearing the product she represents. I could be wrong that her pretty red outfit is not Sympli but I do not recall red lace….my sincerest apologies if I am wrong!

Karen Andrew 13/03/2023

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