Must-Have Women's Fall Sweater Fabric of 2023 - Waffle Knit

Must-Have Women's Fall Sweater Fabric of 2023 - Waffle Knit

As we approach the fall season, sweaters are one of the most important staples for the season! Picking the right fabric is essential in ensuring you stay warm in the fall season while ensuring you have a breathable fabric while you do your day-to-day activities. Waffle knit fabric is one of the most important fabrics to ensure a good fall season.

Originally designed for warmth, now a trendy fashion statement on runways and streets. Waffle knits have evolved in fashion by blending comfort and style seamlessly. Emerging in the 1920s, this fabric provided exceptional insulation, transitioning from utilitarian outdoor wear to a chic runway and streetwear statement. Its signature grid pattern adorned early waffle knit sweaters, evolving into a closet essential that, by the mid-20th century, symbolized both laid-back elegance and the fusion of pop culture with fashion.

Our Sympli waffle sweaters are back and thoughtfully designed to usher you through the cold months ahead cozily and in style. And in our online store, you'll find a curated selection of these waffle knit wonders, each piece thoughtfully crafted to ensure you stay cozy, chic, and ready to embrace the autumnal charm. 

Allow us to introduce our coziest new arrivals!

Slouch Neck Waffle Sweater: Relaxed and effortlessly chic!

Indulge in the relaxed allure of the Slouch Neck Waffle Sweater – an embodiment of cozy fall comfort and timeless elegance. The soft slouch neck and lightweight nature of this piece contribute to its overall comfort and add a touch of casual elegance to your look. 

Whether it's a spontaneous stroll through fallen leaves or a post-work rendezvous, this sweater stands ready to elevate your autumn ensemble.

Ready for you to shop in black and ivory.

Our stylists suggest: Pairing it with our new Bootcut Pant! Its flattering and elongating fit is the perfect balance to the sweater’s neckline. 

Split Back Waffle Sweater: Double the layers, double the style!

Look chic without compromising comfort. This piece has a flattering fit-and-flare shape that enhances your silhouette with a touch of femininity. Its double-layer hi-lo hem adds an elegant and flowy element to any look. 

Imagine the enchanting sway of the fabric as you stroll through upcoming fall family gatherings and festive events – a true embodiment of seasonal spirit.

Our favourite feature is its unique split-back design, which adds movement and a modern twist. 

Add to your cart in classic black, elegant bloodstone and dainty ivory.

Pair it with: Our Narrow Pant Midi is a great match that balances out the flowiness of the sweater with its sleek, narrow (yet extra comfortable) fit. 

Angle Cowl Neck Waffle Sweater

A modern and distinctive addition to your wardrobe.

This must-have stands out with its unique sideways angle cut that adds a touch of style and drama to your ensemble. Its cowl neck also adds sophistication without leaving comfort aside.

Its fashion-forward design lends a unique visual appeal, setting you apart as a trendsetter in the world of fall sweaters. Crafted for those who seek both style and comfort, the cowl neck detail adds an extra layer of elegance without compromising on coziness. 

We all want both new colours, black and bloodstone.

A note from our designer: “I suggest pairing this sweater with our Lux Yoke Narrow Pant Midi! Its tapered silhouette makes an effortless and polished match to the angled hemline of the sweater.” 

Shop all of our sweaters that are fall favourites

Originating from a need for warmth, waffle knits have transformed into an emblem of style, gracing runways and streets with their distinctive texture. Here’s to our new waffle knit sweaters – the cozy legends that turned into wardrobe staples. They're the history-makers, the trendsetters, and the snuggly companions that warm your heart and your winter wardrobe. Whether you're out for a morning chore or want to wear something equally put-together and comfortable to work, they sure have got your back.

Explore our curated selection of fall sweaters in our Canadian online clothing store and embrace the warmth and elegance that waffle knits bring to your autumn wardrobe. Experience the fusion of comfort and style that these cozy legends offer. Shop the New Arrivals today and make your mark on Fall fashion with Sympli.

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