Four Must-Have Necklines | Smart details that make your whole outfit!

Four Must-Have Necklines | Smart details that make your whole outfit!

Discover the fashion secret that can instantly elevate your style - the perfect neckline. Whether you're heading to your 9-5 or stepping out for some post-work entertainment, having different neckline options can make a significant impact on your wardrobe and broaden your style options. 

In this article, we'll explore a few neckline alternatives from our New Fall Collection!   

V-Neck for a professional look 

When it comes to 9-5 attire, the V-neck is a classic choice for women for a polished and professional appearance. This neckline elongates the neck, creating a flattering and elegant silhouette that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Asymmetrical details for glam evenings

At our online store, switching gears from one occasion to another often means that you’re looking for something chic that will continue to be comfortable all day long. An asymmetrical neckline is the perfect option for creating a unique and eye-catching look. 

Our new Foldover Neck Top features a unique neck design that can be worn folded over for a stylish look or unfolded for added comfort. Another asymmetrical option that is on everyone’s shopping carts lately is our One Shoulder Top! Its unique cut-out strap stands out for any special occasion, making it a must-have in any women’s wardrobe.

Turtlenecks and Cowlnecks for chic sophistication 

These necklines are a seasonal favourite that make for a professional and comfortable option are instant favourites for women’s clothing. Our new Fall Collection has quite a few options you will love! 

If you’re looking for a piece that is fun to style and very comfortable, the Turtleneck Trapeze Dress is the choice for you. Its turtleneck neckline is perfect for those fall nights when you want to dress up but need a little extra coverage. 

Our dedication to offering top-quality women's clothing online from Canada doesn't stop at the Turtleneck Trapeze Dress. Dive into our Fall Collection to uncover a world of fashion possibilities.

  • Look idea: Add tights and high boots and wear it all through winter, too! 

Round necks for timeless charm

When it comes to women's fashion, a round neck is a classic choice that combines Sympli-city with timeless charm. This option offers a polished and feminine fit that is flattering and perfect for going about your day comfortably. 

Who doesn’t love this neckline? Here are a few options that are easy to style and oh-so-comfy. If you’re looking for a fun piece, the Colour Block Sleeve Nu Cinch Top is perfect for you. Its sleeves complement its chic and classic design. 

Another option we love this season is the Mesh Go-To Cropped T. This piece is perfect for layering and will continue to be a classic for seasons to come. We also can not have to give the Safari Top some attention since it is a unique piece that combines function and fashion. A true must-have! 

Necklines are so much fun. Should we do a part two with more options from our Fall Collection?

A versatile neckline can truly transform your outfits and make your wardrobe enjoyable. 

Shop our New Arrivals today at our premier online clothing store in Canada, and elevate your women's clothing collection. 

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