Viewpoints Industry TV Features White House Design Company

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The producers of Viewpoints Industry TV are pleased to announce the White House Design Company will be featured in an upcoming segment on "Fashion Forward Designs for Today's Women" as part of the show's Lifestyle Collection series.

While we're all unique, body image is an endless struggle that women in nearly every culture endure. Women today are faced with a daily onslaught of mind-consuming myths about how they're 'supposed' to look โ€“ unrealistic ideals set forth by the media, pop culture, and the like. For many, painful feelings regarding body image and self-worth have a way of surfacing in the fitting room while shopping for clothes. Fashion designer and two-time winner of the prestigious Matinee Fashion Foundation Award for Excellence, Jan Stimpson, aims to change the way women see themselves through her latest labels, Sympli and Sympli Grand by the White House Design Company.

For over thirty years, Stimpson has created comfortable and versatile fashion that embraces the diversity of the female figure. Sympli and Sympli Grand are helping women's lives by simplifying and adorning all body shapes with clothes that make them feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.

"My personal journey with age, fashion, and body image led me to create Sympli," said Stimpson. "It was never an idea; it was a necessity. In women's hectic lives, fashions that deliver comfort and simplicity are liberating. I want women to feel good about what they wear and at the same time, grateful for their unique bodies."

Sympli and Sympli Grand enable women to build entire wardrobes catering to their unique figures and sense of style. The lifestyle clothing labels are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, and wholesaled across North America to over 800 retail stores.

The five-minute Viewpoints TV television segment will educate viewers on the White House Design Company's Sympli and Sympli Grand labels, and the significant role these collections are playing in promoting positive self-image amongst women. For more information about the White House Design Company, please visitย

November 13, 2014