Sharing Local Love This Holiday Season

Shop Local: Shop Now For Your Holiday Outfit

We’ve always been proud of our roots, and they go deep into our 20 year history of every stitch being made in Canada. Now, more than ever, our values resonate deeply. Covid-19 and its impact globally has brought attention to supporting the local economy, including local clothing brands like us!

Throughout the last 20 years, in spite of growing trends to go overseas for production, we have stayed true to our values to remain local. At Sympli there is no mystery involved in any step of the process, and that is because we do everything right here at home. Discover more about our Conscious Production

Looking for your most comfortable, wrinkle free, versatile and stylish holiday outfits? Shop local and shop today in order to receive it before the holidays:

 Whisper Boxy Shirt in Black Go To Tank Relax Brick Wide Leg Trouser Crop in Black

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