Shifting Into Fall With an Elevated Minimalistic Wardrobe

6 Easy Transitioning Tips 

Fall is right around the corner, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to revisit your closet and make sure that it is making you feel effortlessly and uniquely confident, while allowing for versatile combinations. 

 What is a minimalistic wardrobe?

Minimalism encourages us to invest mindfully in things we love. A minimalist wardrobe is one where all of the items are worn and enjoyed. It is not about having a certain number of pieces, but rather about having a refined and polished selection that makes your style speak for itself. It allows for diverse combinations that you will love all-year round because the more intentional we are about what we keep in our closets, the freer we are to seek fulfillment.

Get ready to find out how to reinvent your options and start fresh for fall. We bring you some expert-tips on how to shift into this season with an elevated minimalistic wardrobe.

Transitioning Tips

1. Revamp your favourite summer dress with fashionable fall layers

The start of fall means it is time to add layers to your favourite dresses and skirts. Besides adding an artful twist, layering is the easiest way to transition. Add the Clip Shrug or your signature Go-To Cardigan over top of your favourite dress, and your Sympli Leggings underneath. You will be revamping that summer dress into a fall friendly option!

There are so many versatile combinations to discover. Pairing summer and fall items together such as breathable fabrics + heavier knits will help you find that sweet spot between comfort and style.

2. A “WOW” piece to polish your authenticity

Transition without losing sight of the garments you already love in your closet and add a ‘wow’ item(s) that will allow for versatile yet refined combinations throughout the season.

Two great examples of Sympli wow pieces that can help you smoothly transition into fall are our Whisper Boxy Shirt and our Straight Leg Pant. Two polished and eye-catching pieces that can be dressed up or down and layered in creative ways with existing items in your closet, like a pair of jeans or a basic top.

 3. Season-less basics that turn into all-year staples

To mix a novelty or funky piece, pair it back with an elevated basic that is more of an easy going, muted element. And let that novelty item ‘do the talking’. This allows you to wear that well-loved favourite basic while innovating.

Our Go-To Classic is the perfect example of an all-season refined basic that will look as good as new for a long time. Quality over quantity, right?

 4. Wide Leg Pants: A reinvented classic for stepping into fall

Wide leg pants are a gentle step between a skirt and a full-length pant that allows for breathable yet warmer choices. How about our Wide Leg Trouser with your all-time favourite blazer?

Remember that it is about giving everything in your closet a twist in diverse and fun ways by adding a few season staples.

 To read more about how to style a wide let pant click here:

 5. Beauty in every day, accessories make us unique

Like layers, accessories such as scarves, jewelry and shoes, widen the opportunities to express your personal interpretations of style and play with your wardrobe in multiple ways.

Speaking about accessories, we suggest taking a look at Lakoo Designs, a local brand we love! Crafted with passion, this jewelry line captures the spirit of a lifetime journey around the world and its inspiring experiences.

Take a look at this joyful jewelry line at:

 6. Embrace your true self

Style is a way of self-expression, the joy of translating your uniqueness into the clothes you choose to wear. Combine and repurpose those items that make you feel amazingly you.

If you take a moment to look at your closet you will probably notice patterns in silhouettes, fit, colours, and fabrics. Let this be your guide, not only for future purchases, but also to better understand what sort of pieces make you express yourself confidently and genuinely.  

Now you’re all set to revamp your wardrobe and enjoy an effortless transition into fall! The concept of a minimalist approach serves as inspiration to make sure you love and enjoy everything in your closet by investing in long-wear clothing, instead of fast fashion.

Add twists while staying playful and true to your authentic self. Wear your garments as an extension of our personality and savour the process. Like Marie Kondo wisely says: ‘We should wear clothing that “sparks joy.”’


Sympli is timeless and I love it! I always get compliments when wearing my Sympli outfits. It helps me feel put together. I love the way the pieces are interchangeable. Looking forward to wearing all my Sympli with pride this fall… I’m excited!
Thank you Sympli for caring so much about everyone… helping us look and feel the best we can!

Urve Humphrey October 30, 2020

Lost count of how many pieces I have now! I travel to Canmore or as far as Kelowna
to get some decent choices. Not many places carry extensive selection in the North part of Calgary. 😢

Ruhi MADHANY October 30, 2020

I have bought many Sympli items from Aurea in Victoria, but they’re closing!! 😢. So I’m pretty familiar with my size in Sympli, but the dress in this posting…where do I see that? Your website?

Anita in Victoria but moving to Kelowna

Anita Fleice October 30, 2020

Those 6 tips for transitioning into a new season not only make perfect sense, but the words are beautifully written. Definitely warrants a 10 (out of 10). Thank you.

Trish October 30, 2020

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